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When they do run low, the system lets you know well in advance. Choose a controller with back up battery so the system will stay active in the event of a power outage or if the Internet is down. If you will be installing smoke alarms you’ll need the extra power of a 24 hour battery back up, not the 4 hour back up offered by many manufacturers. THE COST FOR SECURITY There are two costs to keep in mind when shopping for a home security system. The first is for the equipment and the installation, if you’re having it done by a professional. It can run from a few hundred dollars for a basic installation or less that half of that if you install it yourself to north of $1000 for a full feature system with specialized sensors and wireless smoke and CO detectors.

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Works with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

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Since, most of them have been disabled by the tearing and wearing away of wires.

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